Over time we fall into patterns in our lives. We shut down possibilities, fear failure and just get too busy to try new things. So, if you’re not yet brave enough to quit your job and book the next flight to Venezuela, try something else. There are lots of little things you can do to fire up your mind, help inspiration strike and be a little bolder with your plans.


1 – Try Something New

Inspiration rarely strikes when you’re sitting at a desk, staring at a blank wall or aimlessly trawling the internet. If you want to jolt yourself out of a rut you’re going to have to hunt out new experiences. If you’re useless at art, paint a picture; try listening to someone who has a different perspective to you; or visit a museum you think you might hate. Any of these things will give your brain a creative shake – and help great ideas fall out.

Covent Garden tips:

Feed your mind with great ideas at the RSA: www.thersa.org

Thought you were sick of the tube, think again: www.ltmuseum.co.uk


2 – Set Your Mind And Hands Free

Thinking hurts! If your creative mind feels like it’s dried up, offer ideas an escape route. The artist Julia Cameron starts each day with morning pages, committing to writing three pages of whatever enters her head when she wakes. No matter if it’s nonsense, it gives the mind a little creative free run first thing. Another technique is to draw what you’re thinking or feeling. You’ll access a different part of your brain and you might find an unexpected solution to a creative block.

Covent Garden tips:

Wake up to luxury:
The White Company:
5 St Martin’s Courtyard, London WC2E 9AB

Discover your inner artist at the London Graphic Centre: www.londongraphics.co.uk


3 – Take Risks And Expect To Fall Flat Sometimes

The biggest barrier to new adventures is our fear of getting things wrong. The belief that failure is bad limits our potential. To discover any hidden skills or passions, you’ve got to be brave, experiment and try new things. Commit to taking some risks and consider any time, money or energy spent on a howling flop a brilliant personal investment.

Covent Garden tips:

Cook up a storm: www.schoolofwok.co.uk

Go bold with a belly dance class: www.fleurestelle.com


4 – Be Ready

Inspiration strikes at the craziest times; on a run, in the shower, in the middle of the night or on a Saturday evening, when you’re out having fun with friends. Try to capture the magic when it happens. Keep an ideas journal, capture images and notes on your phone, or record your thoughts as it happens. Do whatever feels most comfortable, and make sure you can find them easily when it’s time to map your future.

Covent Garden tips:

Find the perfect ideas journal: Moleskine, King Street. WC2E 8JS.

Get inspiration flowing on a fun night with friends: www.blamegloria.co.uk


5 – There’s No Need To Be Lonely

Our thoughts and plans are precious to us. It’s normal to want to protect them from judgment or interference until they feel perfect and ready for the world to see, but letting other people help you can transform a so-so idea into a masterpiece. Pixar’s story meetings gather their brightest minds in the early stages of scripting a film to offer criticism and help build on the best bits. Why not get a group of people you trust together to help you?

Covent Garden tips:

Co-working spaces can help fast-track your plans: www.spacesworks.com

Settling in a great coffee house beats working alone: www.monmouthcoffee.co.uk