The acclaimed BalletBoyz opened at the Vaudeville Theatre on 3 June. As a first time observer of their performance I wasn’t sure quite what to expect but it certainly wasn’t a film of the Boyz in rehearsal. Having said that, it gave the audience an interesting insight into the creative process as we saw them working with both choreographer Christopher Wheeldon on Us and composer Charlotte Harding on Them. It certainly whet our appetite for the finished result.

Them The Ballet Boyz enter the stage with a giant cube shaped frame and working as a team they manoeuvre it around the stage, seamlessly changing positions with each other, one moment balancing on top, the next gripping the side holding their bodies parallel to the floor. Every movement demonstrates their incredible strength, control and agility and there is a powerful connection between the dancers as they move as one around the stage. The audience are mesmerised as the  performance moves flawlessly between a demonstration of masculine strength to a gentler more emotional state, playful and almost coquettish at times and then straight-laced.

Us takes it inspiration from a duet the Ballet Boyz have previously performed and is an emotional and tender love story. The Company worked alongside  Composer Charlotte Harding to create the narrative. It is a stunning and lively performance with dancers leaping  and somersaulting, before spinning around and rolling on the floor. One moment they are showing us great strength and agility the next tenderness and trust. Both passion and emotion heighten to a crescendo as the dancers approach the emotional climax.

BalletBoyz are at the Vaudeville Theatre from 3-15 June.



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