Dr. Flora Chigwedere of Covent Garden Dental Spa is modernising dentistry with digital smile design technology. IN Covent Garden joins client Johnny Ong on his first consultation.

Tucked away on a quiet street behind the Shaftesbury Theatre, the Covent Garden Dental Spa is a peaceful haven in bustling Theatreland. The stylish new space on Grape Street opened in January, complete with three luxurious dental suites, a relaxation room and a space for alternative therapies. The move from just around the corner on Neal Street into the bright and airy new clinic seems to have paid off. Soothing water features, modernist furnishings and exposed brick walls make visiting the spa a relaxing affair, far removed from the usual dingy dentist office.

With some exciting auditions and TV projects coming up, actor and videographer, Johnny Ong, is keen to get his teeth checked out to see if he could benefit from any of the wide range of procedures the spa has to offer. “Getting to know my teeth will obviously benefit me when I have to go to auditions and give them a cheesy grin” says Johnny, “it’ll give me confidence in my smile!”

As we’re buzzed into the Central London spa, we’re greeted by Dr Flora Chigwedere, the spa’s Prinicipal Dentist and Johnny’s smile consultant for the day. Having founded her own practice in Central London 10 years ago, Dr Flora is passionate about the latest techniques and state-of-the-art digital dentistry equipment. The focus of Johnny’s appointment is an impressive bit of high-tech kit, the 3D iTero scanner. With the iTero scanner you can have your teeth scanned in a few short minutes, and with the click of a button, the machine transforms the scans into a perfect 3D rendering of your mouth. “It’s a great tool to help us develop a treatment plan,” Dr Chigwedere explains, “it helps the dentist because we can provide the correct treatments for the patient but it’s also helpful for the patient, as it allows them to understand the various treatments that we recommend.”

By taking high-resolution scans of your teeth with the iTero scanner, instead of the unpleasant and uncomfortable putty moulds of the past, Covent Garden Dental Spa is offering
a futuristic vision of cosmetic dentistry. Using this ultra-modern imaging technique, the dentists can assess your teeth and then use the Digital Smile Design app to develop a 3D assimilation of your smile after Invisalign treatment. “I realise my teeth aren’t actually as bad as I thought they were,” notes Johnny as we view his iTero scans and the results of the Digital Smile Design App.

The 3D iTero scanner is by no means the only new technology the spa is pioneering. Covent Garden Dental Spa has gone completely paper-free, offers E-consultations and online smile assessments for new patients
and is currently implementing an online system to supply patients with individualised barcodes for booking appointments and managing their dental records.

Dr Chigwedere says, “making my patients happy by changing their views on dentistry – and making them comfortable about dental treatment – is by far the most gratifying part of my job.” And Johnny agrees, “the whole dental spa really makes you feel at ease – it’s not like my typical dentist. They know your name, they play music while you’re in the chair – they’re constantly making sure that you’re ok!” Dr Chigwedere and the whole team at Covent Garden Dental Spa make a visit to the dentist a pleasure, not a chore, and, in doing so, are bringing dentistry into the future.


1 Come to the dentist every three to six months for a good hygiene clean.

2 Get yourself a good electric toothbrush and don’t forget to change your toothbrush or toothbrush head every three months.

3 Floss at least once a day. What’s the point of using an expensive electric water pick if you’re not flossing?