Review: Chambers: An Immersive Multi-Dimensional Dining Experience from Gingerline

“Deliciously obscure” Immersive dining can be polarising. Some jump at the chance to be involved with characters, settings and creatures amongst their meals, whilst others can cower at the thought of being “included” and worry they won’t know exactly what they might be in for or how to act. I fell somewhere in the middle […]

Best gifts for Valentine’s Day for him and her from Covent Garden

Looking for great gifts for your loved one on Valentine’s Day this 14th February?  Here are the best NEW fragrances for Spring available in Covent Garden.  “What do you wear in bed… why…?” And if you’ve always wondered what’s the difference between Eau de Toilette (EDT) and Parfum, there’s a simple guide below.  Hopefully, we’ve […]