It is not called the Society of Exploration for nothing, and this summer the revered Mr. Fogg is really pulling out the stops for adventure seekers.

For all those who love a sundowner with a story, there is a specially conceived cocktail Summer Safari in partnership with Whitley Neill. Guests are invited to embark on an adventure of flavours and tastes throughout the summer months.

Once guests are in the venue, they will each tick off their safety checklist to ensure their vaccinations are complete, malarial measures are taken and they are protected against the searing Saharan sun.  Don’t worry, these ‘liquid medications’ are much more fun than a trip to the GP! Finally, guests will be served a Whitley Neill Original Handcrafted Dry G & T, featuring a quinine-rich tonic (renowned, of course, as a traditional mosquito deterrent).

Whitley Neill handcrafted gins and vodkas, known for their innovative use of African ingredients, will be present in every cocktail on The Big Five menu, from the exotic Feline Fine to the mighty Elephant in the Room.

Set to run until the start of September, the summer safari will offer a window into the wild world of Africa. For like-minded individuals who are keen to be transported via experiences and explore the magnificent Sahara plains, an off-the-beaten-track adventure awaits…

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