IN Covent Garden takes a look at some of the more surprising dance styles that Pineapple Dance Studios has to offer.

In Covent Garden, the famous Pineapple Dance Studios offers classes in all your favourite Strictly styles. From ballroom to sensual salsa, whether you can’t tell a Foxtrot from a Quick-step or you’re already an experienced dancer, Pineapple has a course for everyone. But the world-renowned dance studios don’t only run classes in those familiar styles.

If you want to learn all the latest moves from your favourite music videos, then Commercial Street is the style for you. A funky blend of hip hop, jazz and street dance, Commercial Street is a fun, full-body workout that anyone can pick up. “The first basic move I teach is just marching in time with the music so you can feel the beat, then build up from there” says Kira Bishop, one of Pineapple’s Commercial Street teachers,

“I taught my class at Pineapple Studios up until I was 32 weeks pregnant and then came back after just five weeks, so literally everyone can do it at anytime.”

Another class, which is ideal for anyone who just wants to get moving, from skilled dancers to absolute beginners, is Bollywood. Each lesson starts with a fun warm- up, a cardio workout then a fast and easy dance routine straight from a Bollywood movie.

Taught by Nileeka Bose, the founder of the Bollywood Co., this course is a masterclass in dance technique, expressions and the latest in Bollywood culture. “The title ‘Bollywood’ encompasses so much. Although there are strong roots in classical Indian dance, in recent years styles like hip-hop, commercial and salsa have also given influence. It really is a mixed bag!” Nileeka enthuses, “Most Bollywood songs have a quick tempo, making the choreography fast- paced. Needless to say, when you’re moving at this speed and intensity, you are burning calories whilst having an awesome time.”

The studios also run classes in Bollywood Fusion, which incorporates influences from the East and West. Combining traditional Bollywood moves with contemporary street and hip-hop, the class never gets boring, adding a touch of familiarity to the vibrant style of Indian classical and Folk dance. Suitable for ambitious novices, Absolute Bollywood’s “Bollyfusion” classes are taught by Sowmya J Krish.

An experienced teacher and choreographer, Sowmya uses influences from belly dance, the classical Indian style Bharathanatyam, street and salsa to create lively routines that are fun, energetic and unpredictable.

For those interested in exploring the world of dance, Pineapple also hosts classes in Hawaiian Hula, Dancehall and Afrobeat, Rockstar Belly Dance and much more. “With such a variety of amazing teachers on your doorstep at Pineapple Studios to take advantage off,” says Kira, “You’ll gain lots of new friends, get fit and have the confidence to hit that dance floor.”