Cooking for Fitness is James Haskell’s latest book, packed full of nutritious and delicious recipes that have kept him at the peak of physical fitness during his 15 year career as a professional rugby player. During his time at Wasps James would often wander into the kitchen to talk about food with Team Chef Omar Meziane as he wanted to learn how to cook tastier and more nutritious meals for himself at home.

We asked James for his favourite recipe from the book and why?

Massam beef curry – this dish is a winner at the end of a hard training day. It hits the spot every time and is awesome for recovery and the spices in this are an unbelievable combination. People demonise red meat but it’s an incredible source of protein, and for me it’s a vital part of my diet.

Why did you write your latest book?

My first two books received some great responses, but they also made me realise lots of people already had great exercise and training plans but struggle to create delicious and nutritious meals. Often the recipes you come across online for healthy eating can do you more harm than good and end up being needlessly complicated and expensive. I wanted to show how you can eat amazing delicious food that’s really simple and still get the results you want and hopefully Omar and I have done that.

What do you hope that people will get out of it? 70% of fitness is what you eat, but people can have quite skewed concepts of what you need to eat to get performance results. Nearly all of the ingredients we suggest are already in your cupboard or sold in a local supermarket, so putting together something you really want to eat after a workout, training session or a busy active day has never been easier.

If you do “fall off the wagon” what’s the one thing you can’t resist?

Cooking for Fitness by James Haskell and Omar Meziane is out now.