“Unforgettable, fun and fabulous evening!”

About a year and a half ago, I attended an event at Her Upstairs in Camden (R.I.P) which presented a group of drag queens performing a lip-syncing tribute show as the members of former British pop group, Girls Aloud. As somebody who was aware of the band but didn’t necessarily know the ins-and-outs of their discography, its members or memorable moments, I worried the show would be lost on me. The night was heaving in the venue and the show created a great atmosphere but I couldn’t see it much more than bar and club entertainment.

When Tuckshop Management announced a UK Tour and a full-length show for Gals Aloud, I admit, I was sceptical. Multiple dates the Underbelly were announced for this year and last and I wondered how this show was going to become more of a theatrical experience. However Tuckshop founder and Gals Aloud director, Chris Clegg has created one of the most innovative and exciting ensemble drag shows out there right now!

The show is much more than lip-syncing to tracks of the well-known girl band – stand-up, live vocals, mashed-up comedy tracks and phenomenal entertainment is on show in this 70-minute extravaganza! The cast are; Kitty Scott Claus (as Kimberley Walsh), Ophelia Love (as Nicola Roberts), HERR (as Nadine Coyle), Lydia L’Scabies (as Sarah Harding) and Cheryl Hole (as Cheryl). All the girls have something to offer and all have great performance chops. Standout moments of the night belong to Kitty Scott Claus and Lydia L’Scabies who give great comical timing and stage presence! Another cast member to the stage is drag queen Tayce, who plays Javine Hylton. Most people won’t remember Hylton but Tuckshop’s production sets the scene perfectly – as Javine misses out of being in Girls Aloud to Sarah Harding when the band was formed during 2002 TV reality competition, Pop Stars: The Rivals – which they eventually won. Tayce’s performance is unexpected, hilarious and thoroughly impressive – one of the best lip-sync performers I’ve seen in recent memory!

Even if you know close-to-nothing about Girls Aloud, the night is overly enjoyable and Tuckshop’s production is well thought out and layered. The show makes for an unforgettable, fun and fabulous evening! Tuckshop Management is sitting on a goldmine of entertainment possibilities and they’re even bringing out a similar show featuring another famous girl band called… Spice Gals! There’s truly nothing similar out in the UK like this that’s being executed so well.

You can catch ‘Gals Aloud’ at their next Underbelly date SEPTEMBER 19. Tickets can be bought HERE!

You can look at their future dates and UK Tour via galsaloud.com

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