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Review: Chambers: An Immersive Multi-Dimensional Dining Experience from Gingerline -

“Deliciously obscure”

Immersive dining can be polarising. Some jump at the chance to be involved with characters, settings and creatures amongst their meals, whilst others can cower at the thought of being “included” and worry they won’t know exactly what they might be in for or how to act. I fell somewhere in the middle of this. But Gingerline’s new multi-dimension dining experience, Chambers, reassured me from the get-go that not only was I in great hands but also great company.

It’s slightly hard to write a follow-up knowing that I’m unable to divulge any precise and descriptive details to you. Even the mysterious location is sent to you on the day with the only information beforehand is that it’s somewhere in East London. “Everything must be kept a secret, you see, chaps” as one of the lively characters tells us as we embark on our journey. As the travellers and explorers we become, we journey through the various dimensions and worlds, each one more different and exciting than the next. Accompanied with the dimensions are tasks, clues, dishes and discussions that you share with your team and the characters you cross along the way.

The food and drinks available are stand-out. Catering to all dietary needs, Chambers could easily put the food ‘second’ to its creative concepts but what they deliver is something just a memorable as the journey. Each world you are presented with a perfectly paired, inventive and intriguing course. Cocktails are delicious and you’re able to carry your choices along with you. A welcome drink and your meal are included in the price, but I would suggest ordering a drink or bottle of something special at the beginning to ride along with you which you pick up from one of the other dimensions.

The actors involved in this production are welcoming, talented and deliciously obscure. Every aspect of Gingerline’s experience is polished to perfection.

For those who are still on the fence, I implore you to give it a go. You are never forced to do anything you don’t want to do and Gingerline has created an experience that allows you to feel completely comfortable so you can just let loose and have fun!

Chambers (formerly known as The Chambers of Flavour) is the fourth adventure Gingerline has embarked on through the multiverse. Its previous critical praise alone has seen everyone talking about it and wanting to purchase a ticket. Chambers is a fascinating enigma of interactive dining and a lead in its field – it shouldn’t be missed!

Words: Tomm J Ingram

CHAMBERS is currently booking until 28th September 2019 and tickets are limited and be be bought HERE!

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