You’ve heard of the Tiger Who Came to Tea but have you heard of the Tiger Who Came to R&B?

Tiger Tiger off Leicester Square, better known for nights of wild abandon and hedonism, is now offering an altogether more relaxed weekend experience with a bottomless brunch (the prosecco being bottomless, not the guests, lest your filthy mind wanders).

We all know that millenials are the most sensible generation in the history of the world, going to bed at 9pm with a cup of cocoa and a copy of the New Statesman (as if they could ever atone for our sybaritic misdemeanours) and so if brunch is what they lust after then brunch they shall have.

Every Saturday, from 1pm to 5pm, you can let your hair down and enjoy endless bubbly or Bellinis and a hearty menu to fuel your moves. Choose Bloody Mary meatballs, hot & spicy Popcorn chicken or Beer-battered Mozzarella sticks to get the party started. Then a Jerk chicken burrito, perhaps, a juicy Steak ciabatta or that firm favourite, a good old burger. And when you’ve had your fill it is time to take to the dance floor and wow everyone with your tiger feet. Now that is neat.

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