Africology began from humble beginnings when founder, Renchia Droganis started creating products in her kitchen sink. The ingredients used by Africology are home grown on the family farm in South Africa or locally sourced in the community. As the company grew Renchia was keen to keep it that way as she understood that, “what is taken from the earth is replaced”. In this case, it is being replaced by an entire community feeling the benefits of a fast growing brand that has just opened a shop in the heart of Covent Garden.

Ingredients include:

The African Potato which can be used to help treat acne, eczema, and psoriasis as well as boosting your general immune system.

Rooibos which is an evergreen South African shrub, parts of which are used as an anti-bacterial, irritation reliever and a mild sunscreen.

Aloe Ferox and Aloe Vera, both are plants indigenous to South Africa that can help treat sunburn, reduce scar tissue, and water retention in the face.

Marula, an oil that is extracted from the fruits of the Marula tree and can be used to reduce redness and provides prolonged hydration.

For me the natural background of Africology’s ingredients is most clear in their Skin Conditioning Marula Oil. The oil has a natural smell to it, unlike some other oils in the cosmetic industry which are often perfumed. Furthermore, it sits lightly on the skin and the after effects of putting it on last all day. The skin is left hydrated and I would highly recommend this product to those who struggle with dry skin.

Another great product for dry skin is Africology’s Moisturiser. The cream contains all of the products above. In addition, it has a thick consistency which means you don’t need lots of the product for everyday use therefore making the product itself longer lasting. I found the moisturiser was excellent for the really cold days that have hit us over the past month.

Overall Africology provides a needed natural boost
to the shopping experience of Covent Garden.