Dan Glass, trendy pumps and coffee in hand, is one of the Senior Barbers at Murdock, one of London’s premium classic barbers.  He took time out from his Digital Marketing career to retrain four years ago.  Now he’s built a bond with scores of clients because of his empathy, taste, and, (yes), he has a beard too.  But you know what it’s like lads, it takes a lot to let someone near your facial masterpiece – better find out if he’s one of us…


You used to have a very long beard, what happened to it?


I shaved it off for charity in 2017 and I’ve flirted with different facial hair types since.  I like the variety that not growing a full beard gives me, different styles for different seasons.  My proud beard – that used to be the biggest in the company – sadly left this world a long time ago. (Sad face.)


So, beards or moustaches?


I think beards are now timeless.  Moustaches have got a little bit of time to go.  They are almost seen as something comedic.  But if you look at Henry Cavill in Mission Impossible – Fallout – that’s a real classic gentleman’s moustache, it’s a great look.  But generally facial hair, yep, is here to stay.

Beards, they’re very personal things, aren’t they…?


People get known for having beards, it’s quite a personal look.  And facial hair for all guys grows differently: they’ll be a lot of colour changes, patches of thickness, some people have a very strong goatee, while others it’s all about the cheeks. 


It’s getting warmer, how can we stay sharp for Spring?

1. Hair today

In the morning all of us want a grooming regime that takes two or three minutes, and we’re out the door. 

The Crew Cut is back big time. Taking it nice and short, really clean cut, it’s light on the head with the warmer days.  It’s a classic.

Alternatively, a lot of our clients have skipped a couple of trims over the Winter.   So, go with the natural, relaxed, “French Riviera” mid-length scissor cut.  Think David Gandy.  Use something light like Sea Salt Spray in the hair rather than a heavy defining product. 

2. Face off

My skin gets seriously roughed up by Winter.  Exfoliating is a God-send to men with beards, it removes the dead skin underneath reducing a lot of that itchiness and scratchiness.  It’s something that men just don’t do, when a little pot of exfoliating scrub can go a long way. 

3. Beard Business

Winter will have left your beard kind of dry, damaged.  It’s a great time to take it right down to something like a grade two or three, softer edges, tapered cheek lines.  It’s going to let your skin breathe and a chance to grow fresh, undamaged hair.

4. Close Shave

Beards aren’t going anyway any time soon, but we’ve started to see a resurgence in younger guys going clean shaven. Get a luxury wet shave or signature facial to prepare the skin for Spring and get that clean cut, executive look.

5. Scents and Sensibility

I general use quite a heavy scent over the Winter, but in Spring, much to my wife’s relief, I go for something lighter such as our woody Vetiver or citrus Avalon cologne.  I think is a really nice touch for that fresher feel. 

Do you look at someone’s face and think this would work for them?


If a guy comes in with a sharp three-piece suit, works in a city job, I might think a certain look is better for him, than if a guy comes in with Converse, a band T-shirt and leather jacket.  But, at the end of the day, if someone wants a rocky look, or a slick 30s 40s vibe, go with it and as barbers we are trained to amend things to suit you, Sir.