6 Shots of Coffee Trivia!

Caffeinated Fact 1

The word coffee comes from the Ottoman Turkish ‘kahve’, which in turn came from the Arabic ‘qahwah’. Dutch importers renamed it ‘koffie’. 

Caffeinated Fact 2

There are two main coffee plants – Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is the earliest cultivated coffee and the most widely known and planted. Robusta contains more caffeine and has a slightly bitter edge. 

Caffeinated Fact 3

Brazil is the leading grower of coffee beans in the world, providing a third of all coffee beans which are produced over 10,000 square miles. 

Caffeinated Fact 4

Single Estate or Single Origin Coffee is coffee from a single farm and within a specific geographic origin. 

Caffeinated Fact 5

The number one coffee mistake? Boiling water. Use water that is just off the boil so that you don’t burn the beans and spoil them. 

Caffeinated Fact 6

You would need to drink about 35 cups in a very short time period to come close to a lethal dose. Stick to a flat white, we say, so you don’t flatline 

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