Well, now you can see for yourself the air pollution that surrounds us in London when you visit the Pollution Pavilion on London’s Covent Garden Piazza. The Pollution Pavilion is part of an engagement campaign that aims to cut Londoner’s exposure to poor air quality entitled  ‘Air We Share’  The installation, designed in collaboration with King’s College London, creates an immersive environment of balloons that help us to visualise air pollution particles and aims to raise awareness and inspire Londoners to take action now.

Here  London’s air pollution is brought to life and can be seen and easily understood by everyone as the balloons change colour to reflect differing levels of air quality across the city. Air pollution is invisible, but it’s still there in the air we breathe. Although we may not feel the effects day-to-day, breathing in polluted air still damages our health and research shows it may be affecting every part of our bodies, including our heart, lungs and brain.

But what exactly is air pollution? Air pollution can be anything in the air that causes harm. In London the major concern is pollution from diesel vehicles, meaning it is often worse along busy roads. Shockingly last year, London went over its annual legal limit for Air pollution as early as  March, resulting in 95% of our city’s dwellers living in areas where air pollution is exceeding guidelines by 50% or more. Just think of the health of our children walking to school along a busy main road…

Of course air pollution does vary from area to area, but you can click on the buttons to see how annual air quality varies across London, and see which areas are exceeding the annual legal limit. Blue balloons indicate pollution is within the legal limit, but if the balloons are pink the level of pollution is above the legal limit. Step inside the Pavilion to see for yourself.

To learn more about pollution and find out how you can help clean our air visit www.airweshare.co.uk


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