Cora Pearl

30 Henrietta St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8NA

Hot on the success of Kitty Fisher’s, Cora Pearl opened in 2018 to a flurry of acclaim and rapture. You might already have heard about the iconic chips or the dreamy ham & cheese toastie, both of which surpass their reputation. Cora Pearl was, like Kitty, a courtesan. And if there is any lesson that we should learn from her it is this – make your downfall your biggest success.  Having been wooed by a cad and not wanting to tumble into disrepute and grime like other fallen London ladies, Cora (or Emma Crouch as she was more prosaically born) hot-footed it to Paris and became quite the lady in demand.  The restaurant too, is much in demand and is a study in decadent elegance. Intimate tables for whispering and furtive gazing.  Subtle waiting staff sensibly suggest starting with a coupe of Champagne (every meal should start with a coupe of Champagne in my book).

My advice is to eat as many of the smaller plates as possible. Devilled eggs, brown shrimp Ranhöfer, the legendary ham and cheese toastie.  Then make a play for the cow’s curd agnolotti and the terracotta-red fish stew redolent of all the lusty shimmer of Marseille, festooned with croutons and clouds of gruyère. Pudding must be the trifle to share. 

Sneak in early for a pre-theatre special or have a long and luxurious Sunday lunch.  Just know this: go once and you won’t be able to stay away – Cora Pearl will have you in her mesmerising clutches forever.

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