In many ways, the growth and success of the cosmetic industry hangs in the balance of promoting unrealistic standards while presenting ageing as a destination that must be avoided – quite literally – at all costs. However, as is the nature of scales, when one side is up, the other is down. The result? Young women feel protected against the inevitable while those who surpass the young demographic take residence in the sidelines. And those very sidelines are inhabited by 70% of women in their 40s and 50s who feel ignored by the media*.

The winners l-r: Paula Wolton 60, Theresa Fowler 53, Vicki Marinker 45, Bella Kirkus 49, Linda Clark-Whittle 65, Angela Farmer 80

Enter Neal’s Yard Remedies with the Age Well Revolution. They aim to replace the resistance to ageing with not merely an acceptance, but an appreciation of it. Age and life are to be celebrated and birthdays satisfy that annual need, so when did we stop feeling a sense of gratitude towards growing older and what it brings with it? Age is proof that we have lived and proof that we are real. Accepting that fact is empowering and counts for far more than our years do.

What is the Age Well Revolution?

Neal’s Yard Remedies, renowned for their organic and natural approach to health and beauty, are using their platform to revolutionise the reputation of and attitude towards ageing. Many an advertisement promises the twenty- something that they can defer or defy the effects of ageing and, when addressing an older audience, employ phrases such as ’50 is the new 40’,contributing to the negative attitude towards ageing. However with age comes confidence, knowledge and energy – the six women at the forefront of the Age Well Revolution – Paula Wolton, Theresa Fowler, Vicki Marinker, Bella Kirkus, Linda Clark-Whittle and Angela Farmer – can vouch for that. The campaign is designed to inspire women to age well through relatable imagery and real conversation, acknowledging those outside of the young demographic in their own right and not merely as signposts to glorify youth. And while the six women selected by the judging panel from over 1000 inspiring individuals hail from a myriad of professions and backgrounds, they all share an undeniable zest for life.

“As a business owner of a health and beauty brand I have a responsibility to support women ageing, the way they want to age. It’s not about turning back the clock, it’s about ageing well and we want women to feel excited about being the best version of themselves at any age. In our stores and on social media, we hear so many amazing stories from our customers, so we wanted to celebrate them and bring them to the forefront of our Age Well Revolution campaign to inspire other women the way they inspire us every day.”

Anabel Kindersley

The judges l-r: Anna Marie Solowij, Beauty Journalist and co-founder of the British Beauty Council, Millie Kendall (MBE), Beauty Industry Pioneer and co-founder of the British Beauty Council, and Anabel Kindersley, co-owner of Neal’s Yard Remedies and holistic therapist

We often hear about how our reality is shaped by our perception and outlook. Neal’s Yard Remedies’ Age Well Revolution is a reminder that we should not be defying age, but defying the attitudes and limitations that have been attached to it. Discover more about the Age Well Revolution and the winners’ stories at and get involved on social media with #AgeWellRevolution.


*We Are Super Human Invisible Middle Study into Women Over 40 2017

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