Four ways to get the best out of your business team

Long gone are the days of turning up at the office and doing your job in isolation – the annual Christmas party being the only opportunity to rub shoulders with your co-workers.

Nowadays it’s all about working as part of a team, which studies show has the strongest effect on improving performance, achieving business goals and developing effective working relationships.

But sitting around a conference table with a white board looking for answers is no longer the best way to get your team working together in harmony. There is now a huge industry devoted to providing team-building experiences.

1. Espionage Missions run fast-paced urban challenges incorporating modern technology. Set around Covent Garden, teams compete against one another by completing various challenges. A mixture of an escape room and a treasure hunt, challenges include code- breaking, foreign translation, logic puzzles, forgery tasks and time- trials. These varied and engaging tasks ensure each team works effectively to win the mission. You’re tracked online so teams can see their progress using a special mapping scoreboard and GPS handsets. Strong teamwork, determination and strategy are essential.

2. Team Tactics has over 22 years’ experience providing unique corporate team-building solutions throughout London and offers a number of different leadership training programmes including graduate development and induction training, all the way up to board-level strategy development, vision-building and action planning. Their teamwork training sessions aim to improve communication skills and their wide range of activities on offer in London include ice-carving, drumming workshops and Bollywood dancing.

3. Gotta Sing! Following the success of their musical theatre courses, giving people the opportunity to discover different aspects of their personalities and develop skills through singing and performing, the team behind Gotta Sing! have devised a series of workshops and masterclasses designed to deliver the same top-level results to businesses and organisations. Previous participants have returned to work with greater confidence, self-assuredness and self-awareness, with a greater understanding of group dynamics. The courses can be tailored to suit a company’s individual needs and can range from half a day to three days. Based just 10 minutes’ walk from Covent Garden’s Piazza the course can also be run in a variety of locations. At a conference in Barcelona the Gotta Sing! team taught a group of ninety scientists a specially arranged ensemble piece from Les Misérables from scratch in just ninety minutes.

4. Stray Boots operates not just in London but across the UK, Europe, the US and Australia. If you fancy more than just an ‘away day’, the world is on offer for a variety of team-building experiences. They also tailor courses to help new employees get to know the office and the area. They create custom challenges to encourage employee interaction and teach staff about a company’s culture and history in a fun, unique and competitive way.