Posing elegantly outside the doors of what was Bow Street Magistrates Court, at the end of Broad Court, now the very impressive NoMad hotel, you will find seated the beautiful bronze Young Dancer sculpture designed by Enzo Piazzotta (1921-1981). Dressed in a leotard she sits comfortably opposite the back windows of the Royal Opera House, home to the Royal Ballet.


Enzo Piazzotta was born in Mestre, Italy and died aged sixty having worked in London as a sculptor for more than half his life. At the end of World War II he came to London to present a statuette personally to the Special Forces Club. Enjoying the freedom of political thought London offered as well as liking the English people, he decided to make it his home.  He gradually established himself as a portrait sculptor, later experimenting with his growing fascination for movement using diverse subjects such as dance, horses and the human form.


The Young Dancer sculpture is part of an edition of nine and was donated by the Piazzotta Estate to Westminster City Council. It was unveiled on 16 May 1988 and is a wonderful example of Piazzotta’s most admired female bronze pieces.