Great News…The Fondue Festival at recently opened 28°—50° Wine Bar and Kitchen is up and running every Tuesday evening until the end of April, bringing back fond memories of long days on the ski slopes followed by cosy get-togethers over a fondue with a glass or two of Kir.

28°—50° is relatively new to Covent Garden, having just opened at the end of last year. And as I arrive I am struck by the beautiful décor a ‘chandelier’ made from glasses hangs above a table close to the entrance, the pale pink and blue velvet chairs look stylish and comfortable and their large windows make the most of the fading winter daylight.

I take a seat at the bar and order a glass of Champagne, I don’t have long to wait as my guest arrives before I have had  the chance to take my first sip. He is an actor, no less, currently an out of work actor, not criticising you understand, that’s his life. But not knowing where his next meal is coming from he leapt at the chance to join me. He arrived in high spirits having just finished, what he hopes was, a successful audition for a leading role in a West End play. I am keeping my fingers crossed for him…

Tonight we are here to experience 28°—50°’s Fondue Festival. Who doesn’t love a fondue? All that warm cheesy goodness is just too tempting to resist, so I didn’t need to be asked twice. After the Actor had ordered a drink we decide to move to the comfort of our table and are led into a cosy space towards the back of the restaurant. We choose a comfortable booth and settle in for our treat, which doesn’t take long to arrive.

The hot bubbling fondue is brought to our table and looks and smells amazing, it consists of melted Beaufort, Comté and Abondance cheeses with the addition of Apremont wine and Kirsch. We also have a Charcuterie platter, a Walnut salad and, less traditional but welcome all the same, a serving of garlic potatoes. To accompany the fondue you can chose either a Kir or a glass of Château de Candie Viognier wine. We chose the Kir which is delicious, but we suddenly feel very  hungry and decide to dive in. As we dip into our fondue our lovely waiter Radu keeps an eye on the temperature, popping back from time to time so we get the best possible taste experience. I don’t know whether we are greedy or not but we ran out of bread cubes – not a problem – more were soon on hand – we didn’t want to waste any of that glorious melted cheese.

Radu tells us a French tradition is he (or she) who drops their bread into the fondue pays the bill, I am determined not to drop my bread but the Actor, with no salary coming in, is equally determined…

Alas we have come to the end of the fondue but the Actor is anxious to enjoy every last morsel of cheese that he can. Soon he is  enthusiastically scraping off the last layer of cheese which has burnt on to the bottom of the pot, I look on askance but he persuades me to try it and I am so glad I did… 

The last course of our wonderful meal is an equally tempting Tarte au Tatin (described as an upside down apple pie) which simply melted in the mouth – we were persuaded to try a glass of Calvados with the Tarte and were not sorry that we gave in to temptation.

To sum up our experience the restaurant is beautiful and spacious with soft gentle lighting (very flattering for a woman of my age – don’t ask!) The service couldn’t have been more attentive and friendly – our special thanks to Radu for looking after us so well. At the end of the evening there was no  pressure to vacate the table and we felt no rush to leave in a hurry.

Maybe the Actor will bring me back to celebrate if his audition was indeed a success…

The good news is the Fondue Festival is available every Tuesday evening from 5pm and by popular demand has been extended until the end of April. The Fondue costs £34.95 per person and includes a glass of Kir or Château de Candie Viognier wine, the Fondue Savoyarde, a Charcuterie platter, Walnut salad and Tarte Tatin. Advance booking is advised due to limited spaces.

In addition to Fondue Tuesday the restaurant, of course, still offer a full seasonal a la carte menu everyday of the week.

Booking: or telephone 020 7420 0630

28°—50° Wine Bar & Kitchen, 10 Upper St Martin’s Lane, London, WC2H 9FB


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