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28°—50° Wine Bar & Kitchen drops a new Autumn Menu! -

As we strolled towards French Wine Bar and Kitchen 28°—50° at the top of St Martin’s Lane the sun was shining, the stylish terrace looked very tempting, but as there was a bit of a ​chilly breeze we decided to take a table indoors. My lunch guest Anton is in some serious need of cheering up, normally at this time of year he would be busy rehearsing for his role in panto – he is a wonderful pantomime dame. What do you mean, oh no he isn’t? I am telling you, oh yes he is. But with Covid-19 putting paid to his Christmas plans he is glad of the distraction, not to mention the invitation to a delicious lunch.   

As we sat next to the window bathed in September sunshine, overlooking the Terrace we felt we had made the right decision. That was later confirmed when a short but ferocious rain storm appeared from nowhere! 

With floor to ceiling windows the restaurant is light, airy and very spacious, allowing plenty of room for social distancing. We loved the luxury of the pretty pastel pink and baby blue velvet armchairs at all the tables. The ambiance is perfect, moving towards the rear of the restaurant there is a different atmosphere with beautiful deep jewel coloured velvet armchairs; decadent purple and shocking pink, more of an evening vibe – and very, very glamorous. Perfect for cocktail parties… 

Glamorous Wine Bar

By pure chance we had timed our visit to perfection as this was the very first day of their new Autumn Menu, so we excitedly perused the choices while sipping on a glass of the House Champagne, lovingly created from grapes grown in their very own vineyard.

On the menu are Small Bites and Sharing Dishes including Cheese, Charcuterie and Garden platters as well as regular starters, it was a difficult choice to make but eventually we decided on three starters, maybe we were just being a tiny bit greedy but could you blame us? 

Our waiter Aldo was on hand with expert advice on our choice of wines and was much appreciated. Asking my preference I told him I had been enjoying a selection of  Rose wines throughout the Summer and he recommended a glass of Les Agasses from Luberon France to complement my starter of  Endive Salad Blue Cheese Pickled Pear, Walnuts & Honey with mustard dressing (V).This dish was divine; the sweetness of the soft poached pear was in wonderful contrast to the more bitter tastes of endive, blue cheese and tangy mustard.

Endive Salad with Blue Cheese, Pickled Pear, Walnuts & Honey with a Mustard Dressing (V)

Anton chose Roasted Beetroot Coconut yoghurt, dukkah & amaranth (Vg) He really enjoyed the Middle Eastern flavours included in this dish, the three beetroots ranged in colour from pastel pink to purple and sat alongside super crunchy duka, cumin, aniseed, fennel and edible flowers. Assisted by wine expert Aldo, Anton chose his wine; a white to start and after much discussion chose a 2018 Sauvignon Blanc, Totara, Malborough, New Zealand which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Roasted Beets with Coconut Yoghurt, Dukkah & Amaranth (Vg)

Our third dish, which we shared, was Buratta Pickled Mushrooms, smoked onion puree & hazelnut(V). It looked amazing and had a fantastic combination of flavours, all of  which blended together in our mouths. The creamy texture made this dish irresistible.   

We both enjoyed the starters immensely and agreed they were full of complimentary flavours, as well as being culinary works of art. 

There is an impressive selection of Seafood on the menu including a Sharing Seafood Platter, Oysters and Tiger Prawns but we reluctantly decided to forego the seafood on this occasion as there is a limit to how much we can eat. And Anton had already spied the steak on the menu and his mind was made up. He chose a 10 oz Rib Eye Steak from the Grill, served with rocket and fries. When it arrived his eyes lit up and I know he savoured every single succulent mouthful, needless to say he made light work of it. He requested it medium rare and it was cooked to perfection and thoroughly enjoyed, I know that because there wasn’t the smallest particle of steak left, and he proclaimed it to be juicy, tender and truly delicious – he also gobbled up all the chips – then had the cheek to pinch my chips once he had finished his own! His steak was washed down with a very enjoyable glass of 2006 V. Kekfrankos “Bornemissza”, Egri Korona Borhaz, Egar, Hungary

I opted for the 28°—50° infamous Cheeseburger with iceberg lettuce, onion, pickles, siracha mayo and fries. It was quite a mouthful but I managed to nibble away at it, and found the beef to be really tasty, meaty and moist with lots of delicious cheese. And, of course, the chips were scrumptious too! I had decided to stick with my Summer Rose habit and sipped appreciatively on a glass of  Les Agasses from Luberon France.

Lamb Shoulder with Pearl Barley, Roasted Squash, & an Onion Soubise

And so to dessert. I confess, I come from a family who love, adore, even worship desserts and as such I find them very difficult to resist – it’s my upbringing you see. – it’s not my fault. Anton was of the opinion that it had to be chocolate and after humming and hawing between Chocolate Orange Mouse and Chocolate Madeleine he opted for the former which so happened to be their signature dessert, needless to say  he wasn’t disappointed. It was really rich with a super crunch and zesty tangy orange flavour. He was also pleased to note it was a very generous portion. 

Call me boring or a traditionalist or both but I do really love ice-cream and vanilla is my favourite flavour, not the kind you buy in the supermarket you understand, but one that has been created by a talented and passionate chef and that is exactly what I got. Melt in the mouth heavenly spoonfuls of sweet vanilla heaven. But next time I will be more adventurous, I promise…

To sum up the food and wine were divine, the service impeccable, neither too fast nor too slow.  Being French and owning a Vineyard they are, of course, experts in the culinary arts, and very knowledgeable about wines and Champagnes. The service is both attentive and friendly. The décor is modern, light and airy at the front of the restaurant with more of an evening vibe at the back of the space. And as the overall space is very large there is plenty of room for larger parties and to socially distance. 

If you visit 28°—50° before the end of October you will receive a massive 50% discount off your total food bill at any time of the day. Click here to book a table and Keep Helping Out!

Don’t forget to follow 28°—50° Covent Garden

You can also visit 28°—50° Marylebone Wine Workshop & Kitchen.

15-17 Marylebone Lane, London, W1U 2NE

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